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Regional initiative for LGBTQ

Regional initiative for LGBTQ

Policy designating the outdoor dining, beverage and service areas of restaurants, bars and nightclubs as tobacco-free to reduce tobacco-related health disparities among LGBTQ population in the cities of San Diego and Santa Ana.

Adoption or amending an existing tobacco retailer license policy to include prohibiting the sale and distribution of all flavored tobacco products to reduce tobacco related health disparities among LGBTQ population.

Funded through the California Department of Public Health - California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP).

The LGBTQ Tobacco Prevention project focuses on addressing the disproportionate impact of tobacco in the community through reduction of tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure. One of the project’s primary goals is to ban the sale and distribution of flavored tobacco including menthol.  The project also works towards establishing smoke-free outdoor dining policies in the cities of San Diego and Santa Ana.  The project aims to collaborate with culturally diverse youth and young adult coalitions in both Orange and San Diego counties.

Flavored Tobacco/Vape Products

The primary objective of the LGBTQ Tobacco Prevention team is to prohibit the sale and distribution of flavored tobacco in the City of Santa Ana.  We are partnered with the LGBT Center of OC and the Santa Ana Youth coalition to provide education to the community about the predatory marketing techniques of big tobacco.  If you or someone you know lives in Santa Ana and is interested in working towards stopping the rise of vaping among young people please contact us!

Smoke Free Outdoor Dining

The LGBTQ Tobacco Prevention project works with “Social Advocates for Youth (SAY)” - San Diego and “The Collective” – Orange County, a young adult coalition. Our goal is to encourage city council members to create smoke free outdoor dining ordinances in order to remove the presence of second hand smoke.  If you live in San Diego County and are interested in creating a smoke free environment, reach out to us today!