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Tobacco Free Orange County

Tobacco Free Orange County

The Tobacco Free Orange County program’s focus is reducing the exposure of youth to flavored tobacco products, lessening communities’ exposure to second and thirdhand smoke, and limiting the number of tobacco retailers near schools and youth-sensitive areas. 

Funded through the California Department of Public Health - California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP).

This program’s focus is reducing the exposure of youth to flavored tobacco products, as well as limiting communities’ exposure to second and thirdhand smoke.  

Program goals: 

  • Prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products in San Clemente & San Juan Capistrano  
  • Adopt and implement a smoke-free outdoor dining policy in Anaheim & Costa Mesa  
  • Adopt and implement a smoke-free outdoor recreational facility in Orange & Rancho Santa Margarita  
  • Adopt and implement a tobacco-related conditional use permit policy in Mission Viejo & Fullerton 

The Tobacco Free – Orange County project offers a variety of free resources to the Orange County community such as: 

  • Educational Presentations 
  • Educational Packets and Information 
  • Youth/Young Adult Volunteer Opportunities & Trainings (Please see information on the Advisory Committee) 
  • Townhalls/Community Forums 
  • Non-Smoking Signage  
  • Assistance with Policy Implementation 

Info on Advisory Committee:  

The mission of our Advisory Committee is to empower, teach and train youth and young adults to advocate for tobacco-free initiatives in local communities through an Advisory Committee. The vision of the Advisory Committee is to increase youth involvement for a healthier, tobacco-free orange county. 

Our advisory committee meets once a month to discuss tobacco-related issues in the local community. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to: [email protected]

Check our program on Instagram: (link to Instagram website)