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Partners4Wellness staff provides the following:

  • Vaping/Tobacco Presentations to schools, youth, parents/adults, school administration, and high-risk populations.
  • Webinars created for youth, adults/parents, school administration, and high-risk populations.
  • Vaping/Tobacco Online Activities that supplement our Vaping presentations and webinars.
  • Education and training to tobacco merchants on compliance with current vape/tobacco laws such as placement of STAKE ACT stickers, ID Checking, Tobacco 21 Law (T21), California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) license in public view, not selling to minors, etc.
  • Tobacco Youth Task Forces at various middle and high schools in Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) by recruiting, training, and educating students to participate in smoking and vaping prevention activities on their campus or out in the community. Social Media Campaign. Staff works with local students from CUSD to create and share smoking and/or vaping prevention focused social media posts on Instagram. The posts are created throughout the school year and staff provide assistance when needed since it is a youth-led project.
    • Follow P4W’s Instagram social media account here: @partners4wellnessorg

Vaping/Tobacco Resources